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     Elections Astrology  depends on the main contestants for President`s  race i.e Donal trump vs Joe biden.  Vice President contestants astrology plays minimal role here.


 As per Trump`s horoscope, currently Jupiter maha dasa and saturn antar dasa running. Saturn sitting in malefic house 12th. He became a preseident in Jupiter maha dasa and Jupiter antar dasa. The basic rule in vedic Astrology is If Same Maha dasa and Same antar dasa gave Good results, remaining entire maha dasa will be average. Elections loosing chances are more.


Coming to Joe biden`s horoscope Currently Jupiter maha dasa and Rahu antar dasa running. Jupiter is in exalted position. Rahu sitting in 10th house in horoscope. 10th house is called Rajya sthan. He will win the Elections easily and he will complete his tenure successfully. Saturn maha dasa starts in his life from september 2022. No second time chance to Joe biden.


Trump`s Ascendant is leo. Biden`s Ascendant is Scorpio. For both the horoscopes Jupiter is most benefic planet a.k.a yoga karaka planet. Antar dasa and prathyantar dasa`s are mcuh better to Joe biden when comparing with Trump.


On November 3rd (Elections day), Rohini star will run until 4pm. It is not favourable to Trump`s Jyesta star. There is No tarabalam to him. At the same time Joe biden`s star is ashwini. It is well compatable with Rohini. Tarabalam also favourable to joe biden.


Note : Here Iam not discussing all other factors in chart readings. I touched only major catalystic winning points.











Mars, Saturn, Rahu are Natural malefics. Any 2 of these planets sitting in 7th house or 2nd house...then divorce will happen.
If Jupiter also debilitated in Horoscope along with above condition divorce will happen with in 3 years of marriage.
If Dwikalatra dosham or Tri kalathra dosham present in horoscope..then also divorce will happen.
Jupiter debilitation and sapthamadhipathi debilitation also leads to divorce.
Strong Manglik dosham leads to divorce.
Strong Sani dosham also leads to divorce.
Sade sati ending year is the worst time period among whole sade sati. Above conditions show 200% effect in sade sati ending year.
By seeing children horoscopes also we can find possibility of Divorce in parents.
Late marriages are mainly due to saturn. Not just because of Mars (Manglik).
Some times late marriages are remedy to Viyog doshas(Divorce).
Dr.Gurudeva, Indian astrologer,Jyotish, USA.