Direct consultation is free to all to contact Dr.Gurudeva either by phone: 732-448-0667(U.S.A), 020-8144-6490(U.K) or in person.-:- Talk to Dr.Gurudeva and know the solutions to your problems. -:- Gems are considered as the first remedial measure to doshas, malefic effects of planets. -:- Rings made with gems should be open on their backside except for Diamond. -:- Gems can be worn either as pendants or rings. -:- Each gem should be worn on a designated finger only. -:- Gem weight must be calculated on the basis of Strength of the planet in horoscope, Age and Weight of the person. -:- Never remove your lucky gems from your body once worn in auspicious time. -:- Only certain gems are suitable to the person. -:- Gems must be worn in auspicious time to get the excellent results. -:- Indraneelam is the most powerful gem among all gems. -:- Gems yield results in Dasas or Antar dasas of planets. -:- Yellow sapphire is not suitable to everyone, even though Guru is a natural benefic planet.

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Consult Dr.Gurudeva, directly @732-448-0667(U.S.A) for your Horoscope/ Kundli Readings First time for FREE. This is limited to one person in Family. Vedic Astrology is family heritage to Dr.Gurudeva. Please read dictum points in vedic astrology in below links before calling. In person Consultations and Email Readings(website) are paid services.

Note : Be ready with Date of Birth, time and place of birth When you call Dr.Gurudeva. This Instant service is available to people born in  India, Bangladesh, Pakisthan, Nepal, Srilanka and Est timezone USA. Since we can make charts to these people Instantly to read. Remaining people please request from website.