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Yellow Sapphire

It is connected with planet Jupiter. The metal with which it associates is gold. It rules over liver, tumors and fats in body. It can be worn by those whose ascendant is Aries, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Pisces. It should be worn in the index finger.

Yellow sapphire is the gemstone recommended to be worn for Jupiter. The yellow sapphire will radiate the qualities of generosity, wisdom and compassion. It serves to strengthen the Jupiterian energy and attract the energies ruled over by Jupiter. Many times a change is effected in financial status within a short period of time. It serves to bring material abundance and prosperity, as well as a more philosophical outlook on life. Those that practice meditation find that in wearing the yellow sapphire, their ability to concentrate increases, thereby magnifying the peace and joy reaped from such spiritual discipline. Physically it can raise levels of energy, help to gain needed body weight and to strengthen the overall immune system. It also strengthens the liver and respiratory system.

Yellow sapphires should be clear to the eye and of a lemony-yellow to golden-yellow color. It is commonly treated to make it more saleable to the public, although many people have never seen nor heard of one. If treated it gets a darker orange-gold or brownish yellow color and this material is useless for our purposes, for its inherent potencies have been destroyed in the treating process. Occasionally a very few untreated yellow sapphires are found in a much more intense, extremely deep color that can almost look treated, but an expert gemologist can tell the difference.

It is best set in rings or pendants of yellow gold or in pure silver, if in a ring, is best worn on the forefinger (next to the thumb). It may also be worn on the ring finger (next to the smallest finger).

There are several sources of yellow sapphires including Sri Lanka, Thailand, Cambodia, Burma, Australia and Africa, but the only place that seems to produce enough natural (untreated) material consistently is Sri Lanka.

Yellow topaz or citrine quartz may also be substituted for yellow sapphire, although the potency is less. The important thing is to take advantage of the powers of gems according to your own means. If worn properly, with faith and determination, achievement of the desired effects will come about quickly.