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Blue Sapphire

It is connected with planet Saturn. The metal it is associated with is silver. It rules over teeth, feet, bones, knees,nerves and nails. It can be worn by those whose ascendant is Taurus, Libra,virgo,gemini and Capricorn.

Royal blue sapphire is the gemstone recommended for strengthening Saturn. It can be beneficial to career or work and promote feelings of self-contentment or detachment. It is also said to counteract envy and give protection while traveling and from mental anxieties. Physically, it is said to strengthen the bones and cleanse the blood. Spiritually, it is an aid in meditation and it increases psychic abilities.

Blue sapphires are mainly treated today to improve their intensity of color, as well as to melt certain "silk" inclusions to make them disappear from vision. It's important to know the gem you purchase is natural, not a common synthetic, and free from treatment with chemicals, or any other so-called "enhancements". Gems that have been treated have no potency. Its electromagnetic energy is destroyed through this process. They are useless other than for adorning the body, or getting some small benefit through the blue color alone.

A dark colored stone can have good effects, but an light color stone will not. They even look "dead" to the eye and mostly these are treated stones, anyway. Again, as with all other gemstones, if you are not an expert gemologist yourself, be sure that the person you purchase from is and is reputable. We have seen many blue sapphires that have been sold as natural, but it is obvious that they are chemical-treated to improve their appearance.

The best sources for natural, untreated sapphires are Sri Lanka and Thailand. Other sources for blue sapphires are Burma, India, Cambodia, U.S. (Montana), and Australia. Kashmir is also a source of the finest and most expensive blue sapphires in the world, but they are extremely rare nowadays.