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How Gems affect a person? (Meta physics)

Gems and precious minerals have been in use from time immemorial as a very valuable source which used by royal families, nobles, women and men to adorn themselves or to decorate and add value to the items that they use in their daily life. The world of colourful gems is endlessly fascinating. Since ancient times, coloured stones have been thought to possess certain magical powers or the ability to bestow the wearer with certain attributes.

All the living or non-living entities in this universe have a link to the white bright light that is composed of seven rays which we all have seen in the rainbow. In the scientific world this bundle of seven rays known as VIBGYOR comprises the colors violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red. In one of the ancient Indian Spiritual scriptures known as "Kurma Purana", the seven planets are to be seen as a grouping of the seven cosmic rays. Other than in a rainbow we can not see these seven cosmic rays without the aid of a prism. A well facetted and polished gem can do the same to gather the energy of these cosmic rays.

In Vedic astrology or in most of the metaphysical subjects it indicates that gems affect the human body, giving either negative or positive effects. Astrologically they have the potential to increase the inherent capacity of a particular gem for a particular planet. They are generally worn with jewellery but mainly to enhance health, wealth, power and popularity. In the history there are numerous stories about how Kings and queens used to collect the best of gems to protect themselves from evil, omens, ill health, to stay in power and also for increasing longevity.

The rationale and purpose of gems would depend on the characteristics, color and vibrations of planets as most of the major important gems can be attributed to one of the Planets. The color and the size of the gems also play a major role and influence the person who wears and others who sees the brilliance of the gem studded ring, bracelet or the necklace.

Every gem has the power to absorb the radiation emitted by a particular planet. Therefore, in order to receive its benefits, the gem pertaining to the particular planet should be worn. Wearing gemstones according to one's birth chart is a fundamental theory of Vedic astrology and in India the majority of people wear at least one or two gems on their hand or around their neck or wrist. Astrologers differ somewhat in their methods of prescribing gemstones but there are certain clearly agreed upon principles.

The native should avoid the use of gems related to malefic planets in the horoscope. It is always advisable to use the gem which is related to the strongest planet of your horoscope. This holds true even during the Mahadasa and Antardasa of the malefic planet.

The general practice is to wear the gemstone that corresponds to the lord of the first house, the most important house of a horoscope. By doing this the person strengthens his or her image, confidence, well-being, self-esteem, and the ability to gain recognition. The birthstone is generally the most important stone to wear. However, if the lord of first house is pretty weak, the effect of the gem related to that lord could not be strong. The effects of gemstones are subtle, but they are profound enough for most individuals to notice a positive difference.

Planetary Gemology: (Ratna-vijnana or Ratna-para-vidya) Ancient Vedic science of the relationship between 9 types of Gems and 9 Planets recognized as most important in sidereal astrology and ayurveda. Based on the "Navaratna" philosophy of Vedic birthstones. Thus planetary gemology is an ancient healing and protective art that can be used to one's advantage with the help of a Vedic astrologer.

However, many practising astrologers, wish to strengthen the weak planet by advising the client to wear a gem that signifies the weak planet in the horoscope or represents the weak Dasha lord. Therefore, one good warning is that Gems should be recommended only after studying the Vedic Horoscope and the strength of the planets in that horoscope.

The effect of gems will depend on the nature of the Planet, its dignity or strength and placement in each individual horoscope. There are two types of planets in every horoscope, known as ANUKUL-GRAHA or favorable planets, and PRATIKUL-GRAHA or unfavorable planets. Gems will act accordingly. If (for example) Sun (Surya) is well-placed in your horoscope then Sun's gem, ruby, will also act well; but if Sun is ill-placed in your chart then the Sun's gem will also be unfavorable.

When we talk about the quality of Gems that we use for astrological purpose, the first criteria is that the Gem has to be natural. This means that the Gem should not be  treated or not exposed to any form of radiation, dyed, pasted or glued and chemically altered. It is also advisable to select if possible a large stone closer to 2 carats or more. Also try to select a Gem without cracks, much impurities and imperfections. Flawless gems are hard to get and a  very costly issue. Therefore, one should consider buying a slightly inclusion Gem, But without Black,Brown spots and cracks.Generally it is unimportant where the Gems are worn, as long as they feel comfortable and the Gem touches the skin. The important is the quality, colour, size . If it is a cut and polished Gem the angle of the facets and the polish can also be an issue that one may have to look at as such Gems can act like a prism and reflect the cosmic rays well.The most important thing everybody should know is belief on gemstone and how well suddi, pooja,energization, mantra chantings done before wearing gemstones. Vedic rituals are very important before wearing gemstones to get optimum results. Gemstones should be worn on auspicious times told by astrologer.